About Sterling Homes

Sterling Homes is a division of Banroc Construction, a Florida based real estate development company. Sterling specializes in the design and construction of sustainably built homes and townhomes.


At Sterling it is our goal to create “green and sustainably” build LEED certified homes that are superior in design and space planning, provide a superior living environment for their owners, are more energy efficient, and are easier and more economical to maintain.


Sterling design team is led and inspired by Harry Bandinel, who has lived and travelled to 72 countries worldwide, and incorporates the best ideas and concepts in home designs from all over the Globe.


Our homes are LEED Certified and “green and sustainably built”. We use Non-VOC materials.


Sterling also offers high tech SIPS panel construction that provides a home with no wood, is 50% more energy efficient versus the latest conventional construction and is superior in hurricane resistance.


Also ask about our “Off the Grid Home” that has its own well, its own septic system and is fully powered by Solar energy.


We also offer a steel and concrete reinforced “safe room and hurricane shelter” incorporated into the house.