How to purchase our home?


Our Superior Purchasing Process


At Sterling, our home purchase process is somewhat different from other builders. Our primary goal is to maximize each dollar spent on the home and use each dollar in an intelligent way.


Professional Guidance


As experts in home design and construction we feel it is our duty to provide professional advice and guidance to our clients.



Buyer Meeting with Sterling CEO


One of the most significant benefits Sterling Home’s offers our buyers is to meet in person with our CEO, Harry Bandinel, who will provide immediate answers to all questions and is the person who makes all the final decisions as to what is possible. Harry will also work with buyers to finalize plans and budgets. No salesperson, no gimmicks, no run around. Just straight answers directly from the CEO.


Cost Optimization Process


As part of our “cost optimization process” we do not keep homes in inventory. Instead, we have lots and plans permitted and ready to start construction as soon as our buyer has obtained funding. This allows Sterling to deliver a home in four months.


Buyer Home Customization


It also allows our buyers to customize many components of their home including flooring, kitchen and bathroom tiles, counter tops, kitchen cabinets, exterior siding or stucco, interior and exterior paint colors, roofing material and exterior style.


Plug in Options


Furthermore Sterling’s “Plug in Module” system also allows our buyers to select our base home and then add options such as Sterling’s in-law suite; our hurricane CAT 5 safe room, detached guest cottage; home office; detached gym; pool and spa; oasis master bathroom; Sterling’s outdoor entertainment option and our “full home net metered solar power” system.









Step-By-Step Purchasing Guide


Below is our step-by-step home buyer process and approximately how long each step will take:


Day 1- Visit with one of our sales professionals who will give you a full rundown of each model and discuss with you in detail all options and upgrades.


Day 2 and 3 - Get pre-qualified - before you draft a Purchase Offer meet with one of our funding officers to obtain a loan prequalification letter that must accompany your Purchase Offer. Our approved lender will assist our buyers and expedite this process. If you are buying the home with cash, you will need to submit proof of funds with your Purchase Offer.


Day 4 to 6 - Select a lot - concurrently with making the selections for your home you will need work with our Sales Director to choose a specific lot for your home.


Day 6 to 8 – Meet with our CEO and select and customize your exact home and options and work on a budget that works for you. If this is all satisfactory and you wish to proceed with the purchase of one of our homes set up a meeting with our Sales Director who will draft a purchase contract.


Day 8 to 12 - Draft the purchase agreement - with the assistance of our Sales Director draft a Purchase Offer and our Director of Sales will present this along with your earnest money deposit to Sterling for acceptance.

Day 8 to 12 - Apply for Construction to Perm Loans / Financing - all Sterling homes are financed via “buyer construction to perm loans” or via cash from the buyer. Consult with our Director of Sales so he can explain and assist you with this simple process.




Day 12 to 15 - Final Purchase and Construction Agreement - typically financing will take 30 to 45 days to approve. During that time, you will work with our design team to finalize all details and options of your home. As soon as you sign off on the final plans and obtain loan approval you will sign a final Purchase and Construction Agreement.



Day 12 to 45 - Finalize Financing - work with our funding sources to expedite and finalize your home loan or financing.



Day 45 to 160 – Construction of Home - It will take approximately 120 to 150 days to complete the construction of your home provided there are no delays due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. You will be allowed four on site visits to inspect the construction progress of your home during the construction process. These must be done via prior appointment with our Director of Sales, and you must be accompanied with a Sterling staff member.



Day 160 - Final Inspection and Punch List - our Director of Sales will notify you upon completion of your home and schedule a final walk through and inspection. At this time, you will go over the home and make a final punch list of any items that need attention or revision.



Day 165 - Move In - As soon as the punch list items have been completed you are ready to move into your new home. Sterling homes have a full one-year warranty and the standard Florida mandated ten-year material and construction defects warranty.

Financing Your Home


Sterling has engaged the services of several experienced lenders and mortgage brokers who are familiar with our homes and will assist our home buyers in obtaining the most economical financing.


They will also assist with any credit or financing issues. In many cases they can obtain funding where other lenders cannot.



Please call Dan Rowe (239 404 0294) and he will discuss your needs and then set up an appointment with the lender that best fits for your situation. The first step is to obtain a “mortgage pre-approval letter” that is required by Sterling Homes to make a purchase offer.