Our Homes

Sterling single-family homes designed and engineer by a team of professionals working together to provide a superior home at a more affordable price. The team includes architects, engineers, interior designer, the General Contractor, LEED design experts, the subs including electrician, plumber, mason, and the home automation technician and solar power engineer.


Sterling's “team design and build” program results in a superior home at a lower price. Our homes are 50% more energy efficient, have a superior ability to withstand hurricanes, have far better space planning and can be totally Off the Grid.

Sterling also allows their clients significant customization in each model and has options such as a home office, an in-law suite, hurricane safe shelter, off the Grid option, back up power and fully net metered solar powered home.

Single Family Homes
Green - LEED Certified Home

Sterling Homes is a firm proponent of sustainable design and construction. We build all our homes to be “Green” and sustainably certified by entities like LEED or FGBC. We also believe every home should have its own “net metered solar system”, be highly energy efficient, economical to own and easy to maintain.



Our state-of-the art net metered full home solar power system can be had for less than $90 per month.



We use the latest in technology, smart design and intelligent space planning to provide a home that is reasonably priced, of excellent quality and that incorporates beautiful design. Sterling builds a smaller home, that due to its many unique design elements - like courtyards and patios - feels much bigger and provides a superior living experience for its owners.


Sterling Home Options


Sterling homes also offers options that include:


  • A separate guest cottage with living room, bedroom, full kitchen, and bath.

  • Attached in law-suite / office with separate entrance and bathroom / kitchenette.

  • An above garage office, game room or in law-suite.

  • A private courtyard pool and spa.

  • Full outdoor kitchen, grill and wet bar

  • Outdoor fire pit and sitting area.

  • Sterling’s “Oasis Master Bathroom” with outdoor shower.

  • Far Infrared Sauna and hot tub option

  • Emergency power - back up propane generator

  • The very latest and most advanced high-tech Home Automation systems

  • State of the art built in customized audio-visual systems.


All of Sterling’s homes and townhomes can be designed to include any number and combination of the above listed options.


Sterling's Healthy Home


Sterling offers the flowing options for home buyers who are into health, fitness and understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Home Gym - fully detached home gym.

  2. Home Far Infra - Red Sauna.

  3. Home Hot Tub.

  4. Swimming Pool.

  5. A Non-VOC Home.

  6. Advanced water filtration system.

  7. Blue light filtration HVAC systems.

  8. “Net Metered Solar Powered”- each home is fully Solar Powered.

  9. SIPS panel construction 50% more energy efficient and green built.


Sterling also offers a fully Non- VOC home for those who suffer from allergies and respiratory issues.


Sterling’s Reinforced Cottage


Harry Bandinel, founder and president of Solara Homes is a firm believer in Global warming and therefore we are going to be exposed to more severe climate and much stronger hurricanes. With ever increasing population growth, it will no longer be an option to leave the state before a hurricane.


At Sterling, we believe the best option, provided you are not in a tidal surge area, is to stay at home. However, Sterling also believes that in if a community is hit by a CAT 4 or CAT 5

hurricane, even today’s new homes will suffer severe damage as will all infrastructure and services.


Sterling has designed a guest room or cottage that has steel and concrete reinforced walls and a poured steel reinforced concrete roof. The cottage has impact windows that also have steel bolt on hurricane shutters. It also has a built-in propane generator, a separate mini split AC unit, a full bath and a full kitchen.


Even though the safe cottage is not a certified storm shelter, it is significantly stronger than any home built to today’s hurricane code and will withstand a CAT 5 Hurricane. The cottage is also designed to function off the grid and is totally self-sufficient providing a fully air conditioned and functional living space for weeks after a hurricane regardless of the damage to local infrastructure and services.